About 8 years ago we visited an opal mine during a vacation in Australia. These stones glittering in all colors fascinated us from the first moment on.
Over the years we have become more and more familiar with the subject of opal mining and have made many contacts with mine owners, mine workers etc. These mines, Lease, are leased by owners among others.
Through our local partner we have found the appropriate lease and are currently in the process of applying for a license for this area.
With our Opalcoin we want to finance this project and let our Masternode owners participate in this business. As our research over the years has shown us that there is a huge potential, we see great opportunities for all Masternode owners. And of course we have very influential business partners who support our whole project. We are looking forward to what is to come.

Services & Benefits
The next major milestone has been reached. Our webshop will goes online shortly.

Through our store you can directly participate in our success. Here we offer the first opal stones. Gradually we expand the availability and offer processed stones and jewelry also coorporated stones and jewelry.


If you pay with AUPO you will get 5% discount on the purchase price of the opal stones. The discount will be deducted automatically.

We will add more cryptocurrencies gradually.

Shipping costs will be charged extra. Unfortunately, we cannot give any discount on the shipping costs.

You want to surprise someone? We pack your opal stones in an elaborate gift box with certificate.

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